A Little Bit About Me

I'm a freelance Visual Effects Artist with a passion for creating stunning visuals in all aspects of professional media.

When I'm not working on projects for clients, I'm either reading/researching to better my craft, working on personal projects, or spending time with my beautiful wife.


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I strive for visual excellence in all forms of professional media. You deserve the best, and your project should be nothing less than spectacular! So when I focus my commitment to excellence on your project, magic is made.


I believe that the product I deliver should be equally as valuable as the money you pay. It is of utmost importance to me that you are quoted a price that is fair and fits your project. My promise is to respect your project from beginning to end.


I have a proven record of working hard to finish projects on time. If it takes me staying up all night and spending some extra money on coffee, you can be sure that you will receive your product by the deadline we both agree on.


You can be sure that once you get in touch with me, I will respond within 24 hours. But don't expect a hastily written email from me. I believe in kind, conversational communication throughout the entire working relationship.


It is my goal to create and deliver high-quality visuals with every project, all the while providing friendly communication, so that each client walks away with a top-level product and a smile on their face.


"Zach is now the first person we call when we need Motion/VFX work."

"It was a pleasure working with Zach! We had a few unexpected updates to our piece and he stayed in contact with me the entire time as we worked through all the motion aspects of a large project. His work was extraordinary and even more so given the quick turnaround we required. Zach is now the first person we call when we need Motion/VFX work."

- Brent Collier, Filmmaker - PopFizz

"...thank you for rising to the occasion."

"Thanks, Zach. It’s been a real pleasure working with you on this project, although the timing prevented me from being quite as involved as I had originally planned on being. I can promise that we’d love to work with you more in the future - and, more importantly, under less-trying circumstances. That said, thank you for rising to the occasion."

- Taylor Walters, Producer - PopFizz

"Zach was pleasant, timely and consistently delivered high quality work."

"Zach was a champion! We threw him several curve balls and gave him a very short amount of time to work within. Despite those obstacles, Zach was pleasant, timely and consistently delivered high quality work. All around we had a great experience with Zach and plan to use him for any future needs we may have."

- Justin Gibson, Account Manager - DesignSensory

"...a pro in the field, ready to make the vision of a script come alive."

"The movie would not have been complete without your expert visual effects. Zach Rodgers is a pro in the field, ready to make the vision of a script come alive."

- Nick Molnar, Director - Sleeper Cell 2015

"...a DP's dream to work with...a true professional...meets the challenge every time!"

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working first hand with Zach on set and he is a DP's dream to work with. While Zach's work product largely speaks for itself, I can attest to the fact that his can-do attitude and work ethic on set is second to none. Zach does his homework and shows up with a plan and well prepared but he is also willing and able to think on the fly and go the extra mile when concepts and ideas are in flux. He doesn't get rattled and, if anything, relishes the opportunity to achieve the Director and DP's vision, all while providing solid, balanced feedback and input on what can realistically be achieved. Zach quickly earns trust and respect from all on set. A true professional. As a DP, I look for a VFX Sup I can trust to paint the picture I can't always see and insure we capture what we need in the field to bring that picture to reality and don't waste time shooting what we don't need. Zach meets the challenge every time!"

- Bryan Allen, Director of Photography - Josephine 2016

"...Zach worked tirelessly to deliver affordable VFX compositions that suited our needs..."

"We were lucky to stumble across Zach's body of work while searching for a VFX artist to add a professional edge to our independent film. I can't speak highly enough of his efforts. We spent several collaborative months drafting different shots, takes and styles to develop the best possible version of each scene. Through it all, Zach worked tirelessly to deliver affordable VFX compositions that suited our needs, and all of those compositions were delivered promptly and professionally. We've loved working with Zach from day one, and we're very much hoping to work with him again soon!"

- Tim Goodell, Director - Soul Fray 2016


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